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*Competitions report






The 31st EWPC Congress '14
Competitions report

Games in high-level long history most in Japan, this Congress, marks the first 31 times in 2014.
Will be held as the second annual meeting of the annual circuit Pacific Riding Horse Breeders Community of (PRBC).

Is the most important factor in the Reining competition, but in the squall from the previous day, Arena condition became to welcome the first day was a best condition until it becomes a bad Arena at once.

June 26 The Day 1st (Thursday)

In the class to determine the horse and rider of nonprofessional in Japan both in name and reality, Non Pro DV of the first game that started at 10 am, which is the 1st Go Round.

Akiko Masuda and Gold Flashy Bear in (Chiba), was standing on the top, was not reach one step in average score, but it was not diplomatic acting that was kept to a minimum penalty.
Was promoted to nonprofessional from this year Takao Okada and Fifty Nifty Gold at (Fukuoka), and was attached to the second place, it was attached to the behind of 3.5 points to show the speed control of Circle dynamic inherent.
Plays a venue filled by driving their own car from Kyushu to one week before the competition, Mr Okada is that had greeted the show in ready.

Kiyo Fujita and Bear Gold Flash in (Hyogo), was attached to the third place, it was behind one point further.

Is the Dam of Sire Gallo Gold Cody Dam Bear Paw Fifty together, the Bear Paw Fifty especially, horse up to 3 position from the top, was 10,000,000 yen Dam for the first time ever last year, coincidentally PRBC.

In Keiko Hakamada and Shesa Reincarnation defending champions, the second competition, in the Open DV, it was beating out top score, imposing top showing off the spin of +1 / 2 and stunning sliding stop without losing ground condition I stood.

It was attached to the second place, I was able to arrive at a position in Tohma Tokita and Fifty Nifty Gold, and to demonstrate without state of the mind stable, so as to overlap the score steadily in a good sliding, aim to win in acting how the last day.

In addition, in Dreams Of Chics and Primary Dunits, Maehara Shiori Maehara of the Open champion of the first leg circuit (Fukuoka) was put in a position that can aim to win and to demonstrate the steady performance.

June 27 The Day 2nd (Fri)

Kosei Kawabata you've been missing out on victory at the little more for many years (in Tokyo), formed a duo and Shesa Reincarnation, to complete the pattern of provision no mistake, Green DV is, a trophy buckle play a first victory for the sake of full I had it in my hand.

Had won the reserve champion, it's won a grade should be called the feat in long riding life, it was impressive Hiroko Isono and Moonshiny Pine at (Chiba), it was getting the blessing of many galleries.

The Ltd Non Pro DV, won the 1stScene, Madoka Suehiro and Dunits Pepper Doll (Fukuoka), has undergone a second consecutive.
While short career of nearly three years riding history, players that play a dramatic improvement so as to challenge even nonprofessional from this year, she conquered both Final Sean fourth round and WJC third round of the 2014 circuit , feel the momentum to be expected that it might be the play a Grand Slam.

In addition, the Shesa Reincarnation who was pleased to have won the high score for the first time in 10 years Rie Hasegawa (in Tokyo), won the reserve champion, Kazuhiko Sato and Eighty Six Classic defending champion of this class (Chiba) is , I sank to the 3-position penalty is piling up narrowly.

June 28 The Day Final (Saturday)

Non Pro DV becomes a battle four people crowded between 5 points in 1st Go Round, was standing in the Non Pro Japan admirably by won the melee has a Fifty Nifty Gold reversed from the 2-position of the first day Takao Okada was the (Fukuoka).
Without motivation of rider idles unchanged even Baba you're getting bad condition again, I had it in my hand the laurels by showing off stunning sliding stop.

Akiko Masuda and Gold Flashy Bear and became reserve champion is (Chiba).

And, for 2 consecutive in Ltd Non Pro DV Madoka Suehiro and Dunits Pepper Doll Came in third place, with (Fukuoka), 2015, was in ensuring the promotion to nonprofessional both in name and reality.

And Shesa Reincarnation was the first day top pass Keiko Hakamada is (Chiba), Open DV was scratched by injury.

Kanjiro Tokita and Brighten Gold (Chiba) is to follow the beginning Tohma Tokita and Cajuns Moonshine (Chiba), is was beating out high scores, Fifty Nifty Gold of the last run is, plays a victory in Non Pro DV morning already , there is also a possibility that must pass before the top here, today is the day (nickname of Fifty) John both in name and reality, the pressure reached its climax.

However, with contemptuous ease, such as the pressure, expand the circle of nice +1 +1 Great stop, it went without a bill for a complaint to the seat of the champion.

And, Fifty Nifty Gold is was achieved double crown of Open DV and Non Pro DV.

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For 2 consecutive wins by catching consistently, Akiko Masuda, which had declared the Grand Slam in 2014 and won the 1st Scene (Chiba), but I swear to win this year's second half, Green DV is not immersed in the joy were.

Non Pro DV is showing the fight increasingly hard level goes up every time, but it was the final game of Chiba impeccable Takayuki Kobayashi among good company with swing-catching Tohma Tokita and (Chiba) this time .
Increase the accuracy of every time I repeat slow, is Mr Tokita, became a battle worth seeing the show throwing a quick Lee was to minimize the swing number of times but, Mr, Mr, Kobayashi is, was won in Kobayashi , I played a nonprofessional class first victory of the Congress.

It was 3 days of interval of the rainy season, but the battle was full of heat is waged, under such circumstances, the owner himself won the nonprofessional, owned horses Fifty Nifty Gold Mr Okada of (Fukuoka), is training it Tohma Tokita was asked after winning the championship in the open, was achieved double crown is a feat of most of this tournament, that you have to unwavering the quality of this horse goes without saying, for riders it seemed telling that instructors, of no one better than nice horse.