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The 30th EWPC Congress '13
Competitions report

 This Competition that stemmed as an athletic meet in a club will also greet the 30th memorable time in fullness of an exception called the season of the rainy season when the intense heat and rain of every day do not fall.

 Mr. Trent Harvey who is the eldest son of Mr. Dale Harvey of cutting which manages hose lunch in U.S. Oklahoma, and a professional trainer, and him was invited as a judgment following last year.

 There has also been no rain for a long time, in spite of having been best condition, heavy rain will fall on the day preceding a competition, and the  first day will come around in a bad condition.

 Now, riding ground condition recovered rapidly Non Pro DV and 1st Go Round of the Open DV joint run as they progressed with 1st Section 2nd Section 3rd Section.

 As for Non Pro DV, it was at the top, Caf King Jac &Takayuki Kobayashi having announced 140.1/2 and good performance, and the quality where the horse was stabilized being shown.

 However, Hiroyuki Fujita used as participation after a long time to Congress, The partner was changed to Bear Gold Flash, the stop deep in spite of a bad condition was shown, and what, 142.1/2, and a high score were begun to beat, and it extracted with Caf King Jac and was at the top in 1st Go Round.

 1st Go Round of Open DV is from 142.1/2. It became the confused fight with which six horse crowd among 138.0.

 Shesa Reincarnation & Keiko Hakamada and Catman Pine & Tohma Tokita took out 142.1/2 of top scores, and such inside became a top tie.

 And Fifty Nifty Gold, Black Caf, Roosters JJ and Dun Its Pepper Doll, took out somewhat low high results, and good fight of Dun Its Pepper Doll which first entered especially Open DV, and Siori Maehara was conspicuous.

 furthermore -- the performance of Golden Amber Jac which the Siori rides is not inferior to this, either -- her growth -- carrying out five spins and having become the score 0, although it was contents which are sufficient for getting to know a remarkable thing was not able to finish being regretted although it was regretful.

 In 2nd Go Round, it was said that that proof understands that growth because this pair also acquired 141.1/2 of high results.

 The first day undergoes a complete change and 2nd day is the inside of best condition, and AncillaryClass by rapid recovery.

 The curtain rose.

 It seemed that performance of it was carried out hard and it was making preparation toward this following game although Ltd Non Pro DV was one entry of A Hollywood Hustler & Masako Hayashi.

 Moreover, Non Pro DV was not able to deny a feeling of insufficient preparation, although Western Ando was participation in the war after a long time changed to a new partner's Designed A Sidekick.

 And although it was the participation whose Kiyo Fujita rides Bear Gold Flash which was at the top by Non Pro DV 1stGo Round, this also brought a result expected the level of skill of a horse.

 Now, regrettably Green DV has brought a result of the score 0 in all the members.

 I would like to expect the further study of the player gentlemen of Green DV based on this result.

 Eighty Six Classic & Kazuhiko Sato carried out brilliant [ of the revival reproduction ], and Ltd Non Pro DV is brilliant performance which displays the original power of this horse, and achieved the championship.

 The wish of Rooster JJ&Fuki Shinozaki which was intent on appropriate Sato serves as a carry-over to next time.

 The Kyushu vigor which first participated in the war to this class worked hard with the 2nd place in which only Fifty Nifty Gold & Takao Okada turns down Shinozaki, while having become the all the members score 0.

 Final day

 2nd Go Round of Non Pro DV, Although every horse dropped the score in spite of best condition, Bear Gold Flash & Hiroyuki Fujita which was at the top of the first day began to beat the score of 138.0, and shone with the seat of nonprofessional No.1 of Japan since 2004.

 And the two-point penalty by stop in marker this side became a mortal wound, and Takayuki Kobayashi&Caf King Jac missed the chance of the championship, and was finishing second.

 Although it was a pair of Fifty Nifty Gold & Kanjiro Tokita that Open DV made announcer's voice greatly raised much more by Naka of a confused fight pattern, and it was at the top of provisional, beginning to beat 144.0 and a high score, Furthermore, there was an ambush who made announcer's voice raised.

 Shesa Reincarnation & Keiko Hakamada which was at the top of the first day maintained good condition, gained 145.0 and a high score, and it truly shone with the No.1 seat of Japan.

 In the class of a beginner called the horsemanship and the stock sheet medal in 1991 which first entered the athletic meet of the Western hose, Keiko Hakamada became an inspiring feat since it became a champion.

 Team Roping Header 

 Norimitu Nakajima took out the top score and Green DV shone with the champion's post.

 Nei Sasaki obtains good results and Non Pro DV advances a piece to the finals, Continuing Rowdy Hasegawa won straight victories in regular order taking advantage of the old career, and Tohma Tokita opted for finals advance, and also gained the ticket of final advance at the last, and it became the finals by these three persons.

 Sasaki which opted for final advance favorably and most quickly was set to loose cattle, and disappeared immediately, and the 2nd rope-off was asked for the throw which detaches a dummy to a distance further by the judge, and became final throw.

 However, it was uniquely set to loose cattle and became the score 0, and after that, by throw of Tohma Tokita, Rowdy caught cattle certainly and gained the brilliant champion's crown.

 Although it was a sequel, when a dummy was detached in the distance, he had a feeling which became a rather good sense of distance, and Tohma which gained [ that it was easy to throw and ] the champion buckle had murmured.

 Although there was a bad condition of the first day through three days, it was best condition in general, and it seemed to be the convention to which each player had challenged the performance of reining bold.

 It also seemed that moreover, it was vying in it mutually as participation in the war has horses of 2 from Kyushu to 6, and Hyogo and this show has team consciousness in each.

 I would like to receive mutually, to greatly discuss by respect by Naka of such a sense of rivalry, and to catch a sight into which it develops so that improvement may be achieved.