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Competitions report




*About holding


About holding

  Dear Sir.

  This competition was born as competition of only our ranch member.

  Moreover, since it was holding twice per year, after that, a form is expansively changed as a national conference, furthermore it came to greet 30 times happily in a convention now.

  At the beginning, it started as competition which competes for horsemanship until, and it carries out reading of the horse and mounts it to the center of an arena, not to mention reining.

  Of course, there was no trophy buckle, and there was no prize.

  And although reining horse was needed, there was no rider having skill until it can carry out performance, and the first item was a stock seat medal.

  Soon, the trophy buckle was prepared, and Mr. Dale Harvey was invited as a judgment from the United States, and it developed even into three classes of Open/ Non Pro/ Green.

  I appreciate the friendship of Dale Harvey which does not change for years from the bottom of my heart.

  Two holding each year continued till these days.
At the time, competition of western riding was flooding in Japan and it was held about 7 times from 6 times per year.

  The tendency which for the reason is extracted to five holding per year and made into circuit form increases, It entertains to this, and this convention will also be made one holding per year, and will invite and hold an entry from the whole country as the official recognition competition of JWRA (Japan Western Riding Association) of those days.

  After that, it aged 2008, official recognition was obtained as competition of the circuit of PRBC (The Pacific Riding Horse Breeders Community), and I have continued till today.

  Now, in the Western equestrian event convention held in Japan, the quality was also the best, history was the longest, as a game convention of a record level, name and reality greeted the 30th conventions and things were made.

  That it is truly a game convention of a record level means taking the post of becoming a champion in this convention, i.e., the No.1 seat of Japan.

  Each company concerned, Eldorado which obtained support from the first competition to the competition memorable 30 times   ranch members you who entered this competition from many whole country, and had history decorated with these, the judge who had Japan visited from U.S. Canada Mexico etc.

  And the designer and creator who had you concerned with other printed matter and design work, In addition to this, I am [ those whom I had engaged in accumulation and public relations of information ] thankful to all the you from the bottom of my heart to the announcer for people which I had engaged in photography of a video photograph, and competition advance, and the equine hall persons concerned who obtained great cooperation.

  We will learn a lot from the coworker, the senior, and history which aspire after Western horsemanship, will compete with this, will create toward the near future with pride and responsibility, will realize 30 times to be a new starting line, and will expect the possibility for the further innovation in all the fields.

  Though anxiety is felt for the present condition of confused Japanese Western horseback rider society, Without making it firm and being confused by this, it will pierce through the basic philosophy of EWPC Congress, it will have advanced technology surely, and I will accomplish the further leap with you, the Western horse-riding lovers of the whole country in connection with this.

  Please give me an understanding and support many whose you increase until now from the bottom of your heart.

June, 2013
The 30th EWPC Congress 2013
Competition chairman   Rowdy Hasegawa
Eldorado Ranch
President   Kanjiro Tokita