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*Competitions report





The 9th Pacific Breeders Circuit 1st Scene '16
Competitions report

In the best condition, circuit of 2016 has been kicked off.

The Day 1st 6/21 (Thursday)
Non Pro DV 1st Go Round

Was off the top in 1st go of the opening round, in Style With Me & Takayuki Kobayashi, won the only average score.

Style With Me is a horse with a r record that Open DV Finalist of the NRHA Futurity, I'm Old hose of 16-year-old, was a deep stop to show the glimpse.

In lasted is this, in the Fifty Nifty Gold Takao Okada players (Fukuoka Prefecture), it showed an active show queuing at the good of the circle.

In addition, was attached to the winning attractions, while the show queuing of this year nonprofessional promoted's first Wanhando, it was Kousei Kawabata was demonstrated how without a great athlete the first time of Shesa Reincarnation.

Open DV 1st Go Round
2015 open rate training Grand Slam Eighty Six Classic was played (total war undefeated) is, at the entry of changing the rider to Tohma Tokita, gave to the third place with 212.0 points lacks there was but a little brilliance is in a stable performance .

In addition, Caf Au Lait & Shiori Maehara is, with growth significantly each maneuver marks the 212.5 point in the performance reminiscent of +1/2, was attached to the second place.

And, As expected was standing on the top, was to mark the reliably plus score in the Circle stop, Fifty Nifty Gold & Tohma who earned a high score of 216.0 points to fully exhibit the charm of this horse was Tokita Owned byTakao Okada.

Team Roping Dummy Header Non Pro DV
In qualifying, swing, with Masami Ishiyama that stood on the top to mark a high score of 73.0 points of the catch point , in last year's grand champion was followed in Takayuki Kobayashi this, the final in this two people It was decided that war takes place.
Obviously feel like there is a difference in the level of these two men and the other players, I hope to devote the other players.

In the finals, the fall in Mr Ishiyama is a catch mistakes, consistently Mr Kobayashi was to hand the laurels of victory a successful catching.

This competition, but over a period of several years the players level up was remarkable, I wonder because of the mind seem to have come up with a sluggish come here. For the sake of two people of the overthrow, it is what you want to hope for the growth of each of the other players.

The Day 2nd 4 May 22 (Friday)
Ancillary Class Open DV
One fell swoop to a ground is turned into failure in the last night of rain, which started in the evil condition.
In this class, rider has entry of but three horses was Tohma Tokita one person, in that none is nonprofessional hose, the purpose is to be able to show queuing in a better state a second go of nonprofessional, trainer There is a sightseeing is whether to what show queuing.

Brighten Gold, there is a difficulty in Departure of the left circle, a show queuing to overcome this, Gold Flashy Bear, in order to eliminate has become so frightened horse to queuing, Moonshiny Pine, the hind leg it seems was to improve the movement of depression deeply to.

Under such circumstances, Gold Flashy Bear is, at the show queuing such that there is no like effects of ground conditions, was a victory to mark a high score of 215.0 points.

Ltd Non Pro DV
Last year honors a cultivate wanted was promoted from Green DV Tatuhiro Morooka, was the sake of winning in 2 entry.

Shesa Reincarnation is a light circle, but had made a big penalty in the mistake of long lead, with a stop and spin is to demonstrate the height of the horse of quality, he played a superb victory.

The Day Final 4 May 23 (Saturday)
Non Pro DV 2nd Go Round
Style With Me & Takayuki Kobayashi stood on top is turned off pattern in 1stGo, championship was suddenly ended up with chaos.

Gold Flashy Bear & Norimitu Nakajima in such times, in 1stGo, without any low score in which was probably because big pressure, put in a good position out beating the 213.5 point earning plus score in the deep stop, wore in second place in the 1stGo He became possible to apply the pressure to the Fifty Nifty Gold & Takao Okada.

And, although Fifty Nifty Gold Takao Okada of final entry became the show queuing of carrying a lot of pressure, circle, spin, and innocuously doing and change lead, everyone is after the roll back as soon as I thought it was championship lead had been tragically fall will made a penalty 2 points.

Did not give up the game until the last Gold Flashy Bear & Mr Nakajima seemed had won the laurels of the splendid victory.
Mr Nakajima is a feat since it won the 26th EWPC Congress 2009 years, was crowned the first time in seven years. In addition, Gold Flashy Bear is a Grand Champion hose of last year nonprofessional, it was to have achieved the feat of 2 horse show consecutive victory since it won the Final Scene.

Open DV 2nd Go Round
Caf Au Lait & Shiori Maehara is, consistently become a 212.5 point mark to third place, appeared to remarkable achievements of the training, the springs are generous applause to the growth from the audience.

Eighty Six Classic & Tohma Tokita is, to demonstrate how, without the quality of last year's Grand Slam horse, already late when things won the 219.0 points and high scores, caught the reserve champion sound is late in 1stGo.

And, 1st Scene Open Champion 2016 years, in the Fifty Nifty Gold & Tohma Tokita Owned by Takao Okada, decided a sliding stop of + 1, was to hand the crown sufficiently pull the flavor of this horse is not allowed to follow .

Editor's note
Role play of the competition, I think that there is that each is to compete independently and ingenuity.

Equestrian is, because the individual sports rather than a competition of team play, such as basketball and soccer, prone to self-righteousness. So competition objective assessment by the judge in the Will becomes the guideline of growth and development more than anything.

We spectators, happy more than anything to see the growth of the players and horses, is what you want to look at the wonderful quality of the competition.

Circuit and the first leg is completed, in Congress · WJC · Final and the remaining three races, is what you want to expect of the other raised level Reininguho and rider and Roper.