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*Competitions report





The 7th Pacific Breeders Circuit 1st Scene '14
Competitions report

Among the refreshing spring breeze humidity draw while climate reminiscent of the early summer, the 7th Circuit, which certified The Pacific Riding Horse Community of (PRBC) kicked off.

This community, are held at the circuit form the official Competiton of four times a year, and is scheduled to be held on the following dates.

1. (Saturday) 3 days from the 26th (thursday) 24 days April 2014 The 7th PBC 1st Scene
Venue Eldorado Ranch

2. (Saturday) 3 days from the 28th (thursday) 26 days Congress2014 6 May The 31st EWPC
Venue Eldorado Ranch

3. 04 September 2014 The 4th West Japan Championship from (saturday) 6 (saturday)
3 days venue Fukuoka Koga hippodrome

4. (Sunday) 3 days from the 12th (friday) 10 days 2014 October The 7th PBC Final Scene
Venue Eldorado Ranch

In the opening game of the circuit, this meeting is, for 2 events of team roping header with dummy and reining horse.

April 24 The Day 1st (Thursday)

1st Go Round of Non Pro DV

Takayuki Kobayashi and (2005 Red Dun Gelding) Caf King Jac which won the Grand Champion last year, showing a sliding deep circle and with a pace, and stood in the top and out the 212 points of high score performance aggressive.

And that was followed in this, in Akiko Masuda and (2008 Bay Gelding) Gold Flashy Bear, in the performance characteristic of the speed control of the thing with the opening to the top a little came out, depending on how can the 2nd Go Round, top I was able to arrive at a position where it is multiplied by the pressure against.

Open DV 1st Go Round

This class, to have two horses Quarter Horse domestic queuing to show from this year, Brighten Gold (2009 Sorrel Mare) Whiz N Pep is (2007 Brown Gelding).

In Gallo Gold Cody, is son of Gallo Del Cielo (2Million Dollar Sire), the Sire of Whiz N Pep, in Wish Whiz, Sire of Brighten Gold is a Topsail Whiz of son (9Million Dollar Sire).

Well, showed a performance to earn a goal for both spin, sliding, was standing on the top, it was a combination Shiori Maehara of (Canadian Canp Riding Club) Dreams Of Chics and (2002 Chestnut Gelding owner Jouji Ohno).

Then, the second in the group, Keiko Hakamada was followed by Tohma Tokita and Brighten Gold, Shesa Reincarnation and (1997 Chestnut Mare).

April 26 The Day 2nd (Friday)

In Ancillary LTD Non Pro DV, Masako Hayashi & A Hollywood Hustler and (1996 Red Dun Gelding) is played as a preliminary round of the Main Draw of LTD Non Pro DV of the afternoon, I played a splendid victory.

In Ancillary Open DV, combination of Kanjiro Tokita & Eighty Six Classic and (2001 Palomino Gelding owner Kazuhiko Sato) has played a victory by beating out 148.5 point of the tournament the highest score in the performance of the best part.

Because it could not participate this time Schedule does not fit, Kanjiro Tokita of professional trainer to show queuing for schooling, Sato of owners, to prepare for for Sato to compete competitions in June to (31st EWPC Congress) was played.

Ltd Non Pro DV

 Was won with impressive champion buckle is a Madoka Suehiro & Dunit Pepper Doll and (2007 Bay Mare owner Cloud Nine), level-up was early in spite of the riding experience of three years her, rear one step at careless mistake had missed the championship several times at the, but won the laurels to overwhelm other aggressive performance is called the sliding stop is called a speed control admirably this time.

April 26 The Day Final (Saturday)

Non Pro 2nd Go Round

Takayuki Kobayashi and Caf King Jac is the top score with 1st 2nd, this class competed in a total score of running two times, played a full victory.
Him to come try riding based on the feeling lately, in the warm-up of the turn before the 2nd Go Round, Become a feeling that the reaction of horse sense and is met without the time, show queuing is's that could be directly It was a comment.

Adjustment better than 1st Go is made, was  good for both spin-stop-speed control but, Akiko Masuda and Gold Flashy Bear, which has been closing in on second place, winning by became zero point by the five spin you've missed, but it seemed to give confidence towards the next time.

And, was crowned reserve champion in Norimitu Nakajima Smart Catfish and (2006 Sorrel Gelding owner Catfish Ranch), there was a distance and a little champion, but to performance consistently, it seems to have reserved the champion seat next there.

Open DV 2nd Go Round

Open Champion of Kyushu 's first born .
Shiori Maehara and Dream Of Chics are, beating out 143.0 points to earn score than 1stGo, by bouncing the pressure of impressive first win , I had it in my hand the champion buckle long-sought .

Keiko Hakamada and Tohma Tokita · Shesa Reincarnation Brighten Gold and that was in second place group is catching up , but I stayed in second place tie not reach one step .

The rider in the entry from the Kyushu region , and won the Open DV, in Japan in history 's first as head of the Western Division of the Canadian camp equestrian club , she worked hard to up the skill of their own , while the training of riders nonprofessional the result of the outcome appeared here , it is not an exaggeration to say that feat .
It showed up that emotion in victory speech , was invited weep for people of many it was impressive .
Without you still can give a treat , it was concluded the speech swear vegetarian in the future .

Team Roping Dummy Header

Green DV

It was a small entry and three, but the play to win in this class also requires a very vegetarian, he does not appear to be a easy task if there is no study of the day-to-day.
Boasted in the valve of their own 100% winning percentage, was crowned champion here, it was Akiko Masuda.
It seems seemed not good can be more every day practice, but swing her in the can as to anticipate the future, and stick to one hundred percent winning percentage beautifully.

Non Pro DV

There is a happening that it is not possible to have been declared to win the score off the charts from pre-event, Masami Ishiyama is, become loose cattle in the challenge of twice what, to remain in the finals, Tohma Tokita and Takayuki Kobayashi is top In the score, the result was that this two people want to finals.

Kobayashi earned a score doing flawlessly the Daly and catching swing usual even while impossible, although Tokita, catching was a performance comparable with Kobayashi, but lacks the smoothness in Daly, finals, is superb Kobayashi, I won the crown two of the nonprofessional Raining and roping.

It was a tournament that was blessed with good weather all three days.
In the race from the 1st Scene, so plans to circuit all races played four times this year, it has become 0 point regrettably in 1stGo Round but, Takao Okada was certified nonprofessional rider from 2014, inherent In the spirit of challenge, to show the performance of +1 manuver the only circle in nonprofessional, had applause of the audience.

Outcome of the training of the horse is showing the difference between the special and year of always, From what you hear, up to 10 days so still for the first time the training method, each trainer to be able to show off at the time of the June for a complete achievement Because it was telling that, in the Congress of June, Do not know maybe meet a landscape that is completely different from the past.