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Competitions report


*About holding




About holding

1 st Scene competition of PRBC[The Pacific Riding Horse Breeders Community] is held for Sunday., 28th three days from Friday., April 26.

This competition is the start in 2013 which greets [ PRBC establishment 6 year ].

If five years are cut the first division, it will be a year of 2nd Stage the 6th year.
In five years after this community establishment, in reading sire, In Offspring Earning...s, in the section of Owner, Kanjiro Tokita exceeded 10,000,000yen to Chics April Fool and Topsail Whiz exceeding 10,000,000yen.

And in the Exhibitor section, two persons, Tohma Tokita and Kanjiro Tokita, minced the history of having exceeded LTE 20,000,000yen.

And although 2nd Stage will be greeted in 2013 and four official recognitions Competition per year do not change, West Japan Reining Competition (WRC) is newly held as an official-recognition competition.
WRC is Thursday., September 5. In Koga-city, Fukuoka Equine hall, it is held for Sat., 7th three days, and a sponsor is Canadian Camp riding club.

For PRBC, 2013 will turn into a year used as the turning point which progresses rapidly greatly.

We The Pacific Riding Horse Breeders Community (PRBC) is the community which meant and formed construction of the social structure which the reining horse industrialized.

It is developed for the society of a reining horse to do spread development in a sound competitive society.

The concrete activity for it And holding of the official competition, They are mainly the various publicity work on the line of a network with training of trainer and rider, the registration of a reining horse and database creation, holding of the official recognition competition and database creation, and issue of a databook.

The basis in these ideas and activities is a quality of the reining horse a large number of is produced.
It is in all the people in connection with this community sharing the vector of improvement in the quality of a reining horse.

South America, Europe, and a reining sport showed the United States as first in a roll, and showed a spread as worldwide, and the quality has also accomplished the leap increasingly.

We would like to learn a lot from these and to send from Japan the reining horse which competes with these and exceeds when or this quality by confidence and pride toward the world.

April 3, 2013

The Pacific Riding Horse Breeders Community
President by Kanjiro Tokita