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 Thursday Ancillary


*Competitions Report





The 9th Pacific Breeders Circuit Final Scene '16
Competitions Report

The 9th PBC Final Scene 2016

Competitions Report

In 2016, which became a typhoon of banner year, it reached the final round while feeling the signs of the typhoon approaching.

October 6 (Thursday)

Thursday Ancillary

 Rider of each class, a class that provided for the schooling of creation and of the rider and the horse show plan, the pattern was the class hear about.

Green DV Champion Dancehall Sally Noriko Matsumoto

Ltd Non Pro DV Champion A Hollywood Hustler Masako Hayashi

Non Pro DV Champion Fifty Nifty Gold Takao Okada

There are total 7 entry, its third tournament this class is set, the idea is established, it is expected future production levels up.

The Day 1st 10 May 7 (Friday)

Non Pro DV 1st Go Round

Comparatively, but the penalty was totally weak seen many, what stood on the top to keep a solid guide in such, in Senoritas Nicky & HIsako Ishiyama, it was attached to the second place in the 4 points behind the Tomorrow Morning Caf & Michiko Ochiai, further was attached to the 3-position is a two-point difference, Smart Son (24 years old) Tukimi Miyashita, addition was attached to the fourth in the one point difference from the top and the Fifty Nifty Gold & Takao Okada until the 4-position in the 7 point difference, which also has become a result of stops to win within.
Inner Ishiyama and Miyashita of four winning attractions, is how can the 2nd Go became the thing that grabbed the first victory of chance.

Open DV 1st Go Round

In the four races of the circuit of 2016, Fifty Nifty Gold & Tohma Tokita Owner Takao Okada was two wins in 1st Scene and the WJC, 1 wins the Eighty Six Classic & Kanjiro Tokita Owner Kazuhiko Sato in EWPC Congress, is waging fierce struggle of this two horses and it has been.
And if Eighty has won five minutes of two wins and two losses, prize money of Congress is probably determined Grand Champion of Eighty is, on the other hand if the Fifty is three wins and won the Final, complain without Fifty is the Grand Champion it even, the audience's eyes became a place to gather in the battle of the two horses.

And without different expectations and the curtain open, standing on top in the best part of stop and speed control with 217.0 points close to equalizing for the high score in aggressive with two great men, Eighty Six Classic & KanJiro Tokita  Owner Kazuhiko Sato and WJC Open battle of the settlement of the Fifty Nifty Gold & Tohma Tokita Owner of Takao Okada duel of Champion is, 2nd Go Round is to no longer have to wait until the last day of two days later.

The Day 2nd 10 May 8 (Saturday)

Ancillary Class

Green DV Champion Dancehall Sally & Noriko Matsumoto, although the score by penalty by long lead did not stretch, won exerts its growth the first time in a smooth spin and sliding.

Ltd Non Pro DV

Dancehall Sally & Tatuhiro Morooka stood to lead the championship candidates, but was not able to stretch in the middle lead changes penalty score of Circle 0.5 point difference, to hand the laurels of victory and the Grand Champion did.
And, Morooka comes promoted to the one-hand rider sunny in 2017, it was to the challenge to the Non Pro rider.

Reserve champion, in La Tigre Del Cielo & Hiroko Isono missed the victory in the regrettably 0.5 point difference, if there is no deduction of two points at the break the gait, a regrettable that might have supposed to accomplish the feat of first victory there were.

The Day Final 10 September (Sunday)

The final day, it has become to celebrate in the worst of conditions will be heavy rain, such as the squall.

Non Pro DV 2nd Go Round

In winning front to antagonize, Senoritas Nicky &  HIsako Ishiyama stood on top, became a penalty 0 forget one manuver.

Fifty Nifty Gold & Takao Okada is a two-point penalty to enter the stop-motion, but was of high quality performance in the previous marker, missed the victory by a narrow margin of 0.5 percentage points, it was the reserve champion.

Tomorrow Morning Caf & Michiko Ochiai is, set the horse and the combination from this year, but so far results seems to have struggled at the stop and the circle of the guide has been disappointing, we can expect a stable circle and plus score came here to grow to the point where show the stop, played a championship since Lil Ruf Whip in 2012 stretched the score than 1stGo Round.

And was finished in third place, with 24-year-old elderly horse Smart Son & Tukimi MIyashita, with first prize in the Non Pro class, it seems to raise the level of performance in men and horses both, regardless of age.

Open DV 2nd Go Round

Attention, although it is a battle of the Eighty Six Classic and Fifty Nifty Gold, the fight against poor ground conditions also became the show office of the rider of forethought.

Result of draw lottery, was acting in Draw 1st is, Eighty Six Classic Kanjiro Tokita Owner a Kazuhiko Sato, it was not possible to extend up to win the 214.0 and score in a penalty of 1.5 points.
Kanhiro Tokita  is a sequel rider is to have been disappointed to have missed the mind win at this point.

Fifty Nifty Gold & Tohma Tokita Owner Takao Okada of attention, was the result of settle for reserve champion can not be scored in the one inherent in the deep stop was swallowed by evil condition without the sharpness of the more thought.

And, Open Grand Champion of 2016, Eighty Six Classic (Owned By Kazuhiko Sato) next, Eighty Six Classic is, in the hands continue the Grand Champion crowned in the Grand Slam in 2015, cultivate a performance worthy of the horses both in name and reality It was had.

Team Roping Dummy Header Non Pro DV

Swing twice of throwing, catching, the sum of the Darley each point, remaining in Roper of the top two finals of the best scores of each Roper, finals winner is determined by the one throwing.

First of all, it was to mark a high score of each manuver + 1 is, 73.0 points Takayuki Kobayashi and Masami Ishiyama, Tohma Tokita can not catch point remains in the finals at the +1/2, two people of Kobayashi and Ishiyama in has become to fight the finals.

And, finals, both of whom are in the swing and catching but was a +1, resulted in a victory and annual champion Kobayashi not reach half point seen little abashedness is to Ishiyama in dally.

Editor's note

Each rider, with views that faces the tournament with their goals.
Rider to admission tension and worry and anxiety in the chest, riders are feeling the pressure with the aim of victory, the rider feels a sense of responsibility that play a role in history, and the like self-confident rider.
In the tournament, but looked like score of nonprofessional category was sluggish, not the level of performance was low, seemed to have gone for the sake of rather bold play therefore penalty.
The coming year, we expect the balance of height and no penalty of quality.